LV Active Network Management

WEEZAP is an LV vacuum circuit breaker combined with advanced measurement and protection capability. The compact retrofit design allows WEEZAP to be fitted directly to existing LV panels in replacement of the fuse. It is not necessary to replace the LV board itself. Fitting is simple and fast with a minimum of training. The VCB design allows the WEEZAP to close and open the circuit at the LV substation either locally or remotely. The WEEZAP can protect the network by opening the circuit breaker in overload and fault conditions. Configuration settings allow local automated re-closing; alternatively reclose control can be via the Network Management System (NMS).

Features & Benefits


WEEZAP & LYNX enable more Low Carbon Technologies to be installed through automatic meshing and reconfiguration of the LV network using embedded LV vacuum switches.

  • Retrofit design
    This allows you to install WEEZAP in most existing substations, avoiding additional upgrade costs
  • Safe Active Network Management tool
    WEEZAP enables automatic meshing and reconfiguration of the LV network and can be used in conjunction with LYNX for maximum flexibility. It allows the user to select a fuse rating and standard most appropriate for each application and supports between 100A to 400A settings including advanced protection and fault isolation - which are key to a safe meshed network.
  • Load profiling and quality of supply
    WEEZAP will collect data on: voltage, current, power factor, reactive power, apparent power, real power, voltage and current total harmonic distortion as well as data on up to the 25th harmonic. Locally and remotely configurable sampling period allows you to adjust how often these measurements are captured.
  • Fault location
    Accurate fault location, based on impedance to fault, is obtained while using WEEZAP on its own or in conjunction with two REZAP MODULAR, BIDOYNG or WEEZAP as having all 3-phases significantly reduces the result tolerances. This can be accessed onsite via GATEWAY (requires SERVER connection) or offsite using the WEB interface.
  • SAPIENT support
    Like most of our products WEEZAP is fully supported by SAPIENT, and that means we can help you extract the maximum benefit from using it.