Proactive fault management

With demand for rail travel increasing it is critical the network operator can provide an efficient and reliable network to cope with rising demand. The railway distribution network is no different; a fault or cable theft can cripple the network leading to long delays and frustration for rail passengers.

Features & Benefits

Proactive fault management

TRANSFLEKT represents a step change in fault pre-location and is easily adaptable to any signalling power network. TRANSFLEKT monitors the condition of the power cable 24/7 using unique patented technology and, if the characteristics of the cable should change or a section of cable stolen, automated alerts are sent directly to the network operator significantly reducing network downtime and the impact of a delay.    

  • 24/7 condition monitoring of your railway power network
    Online monitoring provides the network owner with critical information precluding asset failure. This allows the network owner to optimize maintenance and plan for repair.
  • Automated distance to fault
    TRANSFLEKT'S unique and patented algorithms sample the power cable every second. If a fault should occur the distance to fault is automatically sent via email to the network operator and fault team dispatched. As the location of the cable fault is known in advance only one fault team is required.
  • Significant reduction in network downtime
    Cable faults cause widespread network disruption leading to long delays for rail passengers. By moving to online monitoring fault management becomes proactive as opposed to reactive reducing network downtime whilst increasing efficiency and network resilience.
  • Web based, accessible from any device
    A web based interface allows the user to access TRANSFLEKT web portal via any secure device connected to the internet. Our intuitive platform allows the user to define alarm thresholds and view their TRANSFLEKT fleet.