Prevent signalling power failures

Camlin is at the very heart of major re-signalling schemes across the UK. From Crossrail to Thameslink, from West Coast to East Coast, the SIGNET system has provided Network Rail with a power system that can maintain the supply to the signals by automatically re-configuring under all fault conditions, keeping the trains running and saving millions of pounds every year.

The UK rail industry is growing

The UK rail industry is experiencing unprecedented growth with passenger and freight traffic expected to double by 2035. The need to maintain a reliable service is paramount if the system capacity is to increase to meet the demand. Since signalling power failures are one of the primary causes of train delays, a reliable and robust power system is essential to power the signals, axle counters, track circuits and point machines – all safety critical elements of the rail infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

SIGNET - Automatic Reconfiguration System (how it works)

The network is powered from both ends via a PSP (Principal Supply Point) with an open point in the middle to prevent interconnection of the two independent power supplies. FSPs (Functional Supply points) are installed trackside distributing the power to the signals and points. The feeder is completely intelligent with each FSP containing a SIGNET switch to dynamically monitor and control the flow of power throughout the feeder. SIGNET is the primary defence against cable faults on signalling power feeders. It is absolutely critical that it operates first time every time in order to maintain signalling supply. 

  • Automatic isolation of cable faults
    SIGNET is a distributed protection system which is able to protect the network by only affecting signals local to the fault. Typical cable faults include cable theft, rodent damage and insulation degradation. Camlin’s innovative approach to signalling power allows Network Rail to maintain an efficient network with no delays.
  • Automatic restoration of supply
    The reliability of power is key to maintaining an efficient railway network but cannot always be guaranteed. Network Rail have adopted SIGNET on key arterial routes around London in order to automatically re-configure the power supply in the event power is lost to a sub-station, commonly referred to as a PSP (Principle Supply Point).
  • Remote condition monitoring of signalling power
    The ability to remotely monitor the condition of key assets, such as SIGNET, is critical to Network Rail. Signet automatically reports Signet health, breaker position and cable fault location via e-mail. A secure web based interface allows Network Rail to view the status of the power network from any device connected to the internet.
  • Peace of mind
    Camlin have been supplying SIGNET to Network Rail for over ten years. In that time 2,000 SIGNETS have been installed and commissioned keeping trains running and the network delay free. SIGNET is saving Network Rail millions of pounds every year by preventing train delays.
  • SIGNET options
    SIGNET is available as a 400V 3 Phase TN system or 650V 1Phase IT system. Communications options range from twisted pair (copper) to single mode fibre. It is possible to have up to 99 SIGNETS on a signalling power feeder.