PROFILE P3 provides a unique insight into the true condition of circuit breakers at all voltages. Capturing the vital ‘first trip’ shows how the breaker would perform in a real-life fault situation.

Features & Benefits


A slow tripping circuit breaker can cause major disruptions on power networks resulting in widespread loss of supply, damage to plant and other potential safety issues

However this first trip operation can often temporarily clear any slow tripping problem. Therefore capturing the ‘first trip’ operation is essential to effective circuit breaker condition monitoring.The PROFILE P3 offers a cost effective solution by enabling:

  • Captures the vital First-Trip Operation
    The PROFILE P3 can measure how the circuit breaker would perform in a real fault situation by capturing the vital first trip. With the addition of Total Trip Time the PROFILE P3 can also provide the composite trip time of your protection relay and circuit breaker.
  • Powerful Diagnostic Tool To Provide
    • Main contact operating time
    • Auxiliary contact operating time
    • ‘Health’ of Close & Trip coils
    • Condition of DC battery circuit
    • Auxiliary contact condition
    • The Total Trip Time
  • On Site Analysis
    The PROFILE P3 can display and overlay up to 4 records in graphical form. This enables quick onsite analysis of potential defects by comparing a first trip or close profile to subsequent circuit breaker operations.
    The REPLAY PRO software is an integral part of the PROFILE P3 system which enables efficient profile record storage, retrieval and analysis. It provides the critical link between the PROFILE P3 and those within the organisation who need to access the Profile data in order to effectively manage their assets.
  • Combined Protection Relay and Circuit Breaker Online Test
    An enhanced version of the software enables both the protection relay and circuit breaker trip times to be captured. Knowing the Total Trip Time is important when considering protection discrimination and arc flash hazard compliance.
  • Efficient data management
    All the required circuit breaker asset details can be saved on the PROFILE P3 via a USB memory stick. This speeds up entry of test details and also improves accuracy.

    Ability to tag records (good, bad, suspect and signature) for categorising results.