Eliminate the risk of personal injury when replacing LV fuses

Installing a FUSEMATE in place of an LV fuse allows safe operation when attempting to restore customer supplies. With the ability to remotely close the FUSEMATE at a distance of up to 30m, supply can be restored whilst personal are at a safe distance from the fuse connection point. Current level is displayed using the LED bar graph which allows the user to determine the circuit load, an overcurrent indication can identify that the circuit has a potential fault present.

Features & Benefits

Be safe during all LV operations

With its compact and versatile design, the FUSEMATE can be installed in the place of 95% of LV fuse positions. This includes both JS & JP type stalks, link boxes and pole mounted fuse holders. an adapter kit is also available for those rare anomalies in which the FUSEMATE does not fit direct. 

  • Safety
    Inherently safe design. Allows remote operation via a low power radio key fob up to 30m range.
  • Portability
    Ergonomic, Light weight (2kg) and small in size, Ideal for one man operation
  • Easy of use
    Quick and easy to use with a simple operating procedure and clear indications
  • Compatibility
    Fits JS and JP type fuse positions, even in link boxes and pole mounted fuse holders. Accessory for use on NH fuse systems (DIN 43620/IEC 269) available
  • Reliability
    Rugged design allows operation under the most severe working conditions

Technical Specification

Find out more detailed information by downloading the Fusemate Brochure. Drivers and other downloads can be accessed in the Support Centre.

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