A revolutionary step forward in intelligent automation

A consistent and reliable electricity supply is an essential part of our day to day lives. Outages are becoming less and less acceptable to customers, requiring networks to be more reliable. BIDOYNG aims to solve that problem by removing intermittent faults on your Low Voltage Network. Fitting into existing low voltage fuse positions, BIDOYNG uses two fuses in parallel to create a robust, single-shot auto-recloser. When faults occur, BIDOYNG automatically switches to the secondary fuse, reenergising the network with minimal disruption.

Features & Benefits


Monitoring and locating intermittent underground cable faults on low voltage networks is challenging for network operators.  BIDOYNG has been designed to face this challenge with integrated fault location and power quality monitoring technology.

BIDOYNG is part of a system of automation and fault management products designed to work together in a plug and play format, to best manage and locate transient faults. BIDOYNG gives network operators and asset owners the tool to best monitor, manage and locate intermittent faults on poor performing circuits.

    BIDOYNG fits into existing LV fuse positions using two LV fuses in parallel, creating a robust single-shot auto-recloser. The primary fuse carries the load current until a fault causes it to operate. Then, after a user programmed delay, the secondary fuse is switched in and the network re-energised avoiding customer interruption
  • Retrofit design
    Being the most compact LV auto-recloser, BIDOYNG fits 90% of fuse cabinets. On both 92mm and 82mm stalks; with adaptors available for non-standard cabinets.
  • Proven reliability
    With over 5000 BIDOYNGS installed and in use since 2011, it is a proven reliable and safe auto-recloser having over 4000 restorations yearly
  • Fault Location
    Accurate 3-phase SELF, impedance based, fault location is obtained with BIDOYNG in conjunction with two REZAP MODULAR, BIDOYNG or WEEZAP

Technical Specification

Find out more detailed information by downloading the Bidoyng Brochure. Drivers and other downloads can be accessed in the Support Centre.

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The benefits of the BIDOYNG Device, first and foremost is customer service. It’s an absolutely superb device to drive customer service levels forward. Secondly is bottom-line profitability for our business. Every minute a customer is off supply costs us money, and the BIDOYNG helps us keep those costs to an absolute minimum.

Steve Cox
Head of Future Networks, Electricty Northwest