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For the first time Asset Managers have in-depth knowledge of Generator condition at their fingertips. INTEGO GM represents the next generation of monitor – reliable Partial Discharge data automatically converted into powerful and intuitive information. INTEGO GM is the only system correlating PD data with generator operating condition, thus providing real information enabling Asset Managers to dramatically reduce insulation degradation rate and extend generator life.

Features & Benefits

Intego GM is the perfect tool for generators under highly variable load

Partial Discharge activities can be strongly related to the machine operating conditions, particularly load and temperature; periodical measurements and scheduled acquisitions cannot guarantee a complete diagnosis of your machine. INTEGO GM system acquires 24/7 and automatically aggregates PD data recorded at the same operating condition to provide reliable trending.

  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring
    An intelligent and innovative acquisition logic together with extremely performing denoising allows INTEGO GM to continuously acquire PD data from the three phases simultaneously guaranteeing 2-year data storage into the embedded web server.
  • Embedded web server & web-based software
    INTEGO GM is a stand-alone system integrating a web server and web based software that simplifies the commissioning and the data visualization – no need of additional software.
  • Dynamic & automatic noise rejection
    Patented algorithms for automatic noise rejection and cross-talk recognition make INTEGO GM the most advanced instrument for PD detection on three phase systems – no tuning required.
  • Simple, accessible and easy to use
    INTEGO GM provides innovative graphical solution for an easy interpretation of PD, accessible to non-PD experts, as the most common tools for PD diagnostic (IEEE 1434).
    With a built in web server and web based software, INTEGO GM can be monitored and assessed remotely allowing secure and reliable operations.

Technical Specification

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