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Software Engineering

The products and systems we develop cover a range of platforms, from small micro-controllers to large multi-core, distributed server platforms and our software engineers are skilled across a range of disciplines. Smaller embedded systems are almost exclusively developed in traditional C/C++, while the higher level systems increasing rely on languages such as Java and Python, and leverage open source or 3rd party components.


Embedded Systems

Our embedded systems are custom designed hardware platforms for data capture, control and communications, engineered into handheld devices for use in harsh environments. The vast majority of software is developed in C/C++ on a variety of microcontrollers from low end 8/16bit AVR with no operating system, to high end such as 32 bit ARM running Linux or high speed DSP with real time OS, while VHDL is used for those systems that employ an FPGA.



At Camlin we refer to middleware as the software glue between our embedded systems and our web or mobile front end user interfaces. Our middleware platforms are built on Linux servers, often running on cloud-based virtual machine instances. This provides flexibility and scalability, enabling us to grow the infrastructure as the install-base of embedded devices or users grows. Databases form a key component of our middleware systems. While we mostly rely on SQL based relational databases such as MySQL, some of our systems also use geo-spacial database techniques for particular applications.


Web & Mobile

Our web and mobile applications are built upon recognised, enterprise class, open-source technologies, using a wide range of different devices. We also harness the power of Cloud Computing infrastructure to provide enhanced resilience, responsiveness, capacity and scalability of our managed services.



We have evolved a successful development process based on Agile principles, adjusted to the mission-critical nature of our systems. We are continually refining the process in a sustained continuous improvement effort.

Design, create, build.

Mechanical Engineering

Product developed requires expertise in mechanisms, polymer moulding techniques, fabrication methods, heat transfer principles, electrical circuits and machines, materials, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, power consumption calculations and component sizing.

We develop innovative products using 3D CAD modeling, Labview simulations, rapid prototyping models and extensive lab testing. Our aim is to deliver cost-effective mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions for new products to the agreed technical requirements, timescales and budget.

Creating the future

Electronic Engineering

Our design engineers create robust electronic systems, designed to operate reliably in harsh industrial environments. Systems are developed in collaboration with adjacent teams including software, sensors and mechanical engineering, delivering novel solutions to our customers’ problems within space and power constraints.

Typical designs utilise surface mount components, ball-grid array packages, miniature connectors and power electronics mounted on 6 to 14 layer boards, designed for electromagnetic compatibility and meeting specifications for electrical separation, impedance matching etc.

Analysing & solving real problems

Algorithm Engineering

The Algorithms Team is a group specialising in the application of mathematical techniques, scientific theory and engineering principles to solve real, practical problems, often resulting in valuable intellectual property for the company. From Ampere’s law to Ohm’s law, from d.c. to travelling waves, from fuse emulation to arc plasma modelling, from calculus to statistics and from simulations to live testing, we get involved with a huge variety of problems.

Creating products to solve problems

Applied Engineering

The Applied Engineering group is a multidisciplinary team of Scientists, Electrical/Electronic engineers and Electronics technicians whose purpose is to build prototype equipment, perform conceptual experiments, type testing/validation, product compliance tests and design/build bespoke test equipment.

Applied Engineering staff is also involved in testing concepts, components and products in the Camlin Low Voltage Test Centre. This unique facility offers realistic test environment for products aimed for Low Voltage and Railway Signalling Power distribution.

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